Do Sticky Bras Work?

Okay ladies, it’s time to get real. Boys, just skip ahead to the honeymoon articles (Jamaica is fantastic! ) This one isn’t for you.

We’re going to get honest about bras for your wedding day. Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, usually with some feature that makes wearing your typical bra impossible. They’re often strapless, backless, or both!

So, one common solution is to use these sticky bras! They’re pretty great. They stick to you, eliminating the need for straps of any kind.

But beware! If you are a bride or bridesmaid, you are likely to be running around like crazy on wedding day. And this means boob sweat. It’s a very real issue, ya’ll. I’m here to warn you, at the first sign of boob sweat, these awesome sticky bras are going to slide right off. If you’re corseted into a super tight bridal gown, maybe there won’t be any room for these babies to go anywhere. But if you’re in a not-so-perfect bridesmaid’s dress, be prepared to lose your bra halfway through the ceremony. Embarrassing.

I love sticky bras, but for a high stress wedding day, I recommend this alternative: Take an old bra that you don’t use anymore, cut it up, and have the cups sewn into your dress. Can’t bear to cut up an old bra? Buy a $5 one at Wal-Mart. Have it sewn in like this:

Trust me, this is one thing you do not want to worry about on your wedding day. This solution is an easy fix, and you’ll look great!